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i want to give security to my pen drive so no one can see the content of my pen drive except only my application. is there any how possible to do through application programming.. i have tried registry or other paid free software but no one can fulfill my requirements(anyone can make changes in registry & make visible usb content).. i have tried many application like truecrypt.. but didnt fulfill my requirements.. beacuse once u enter the password it will give full access to user.. which i dont want to do that... if it is possible through coding it will be helpful for me. so only my application can access that content.. i guess that could be possible through system programming(device driver) but i guess its very dificult.. so im very confused..plz help...

Where in the world is pendrive coming into picture?! It's just a matter of encrypting the contents.

Whatever you need to be secured, just encrypt it from your application. There are plenty of encryption algorithms, you'll have to choose your own. When you need to read it, decrypt it with your own app.
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I've developed a tool to protect data in pen drive, probably you can give a try with it. It will work on windows XP and VISTA. If you are interested contact me at
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No, you can't do that.  Is your app in C++, C# AND VB ? Whatever it's in, you'd have to encrypt your file contents, you can't lock the pen drive unless you write your own file system to format it in, instead of NTFS or FAT32

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I agree with Rajesh.

The most probable application for your requirements will be an application that is used to encrypt the data TO the destination directory.
That same application should then have functionality to decrypt the data FROM that directory into memory, or wherever it's required.

You could also look at an application called PrivateFile.

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