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Dear friends

Hi all, i have developed my project in .net 2003(c# with 1.1). After that i have uploaded to our server. when i try to access that page it wil show some error msg like below,

Configuration Error
Description: An error occurred during the processing of a configuration file required to service this request. Please review the specific error details below and modify your configuration file appropriately.

Parser Error Message: Unrecognized configuration section 'connectionStrings'

If any one Knows Pls Help Me...

Saja Nassar
Updated 19-Sep-12 6:55am
AshishChaudha 14-Aug-12 5:21am
and have you checked <connectionstrings> in your web.config file??
Santhosh Kumar Jayaraman 14-Aug-12 5:26am
please post ur web.config
Santhosh Kumar Jayaraman 14-Aug-12 8:40am
are u sure? it looks like all are commented and there are no proper connectionstring
Saja Ali Nassar 14-Aug-12 8:48am
this my connectionstring
<add value="Server=ITG-DBSTAGING;DataBase=DEV_ACC;uid=acc;pwd=acc221;" key="ConnectionString">

there is many connctionstrings commented so you didnt find it in the web.config
Saja Ali Nassar 14-Aug-12 8:54am
when I past it all the connection disappeared, I dont know why :(
this is the first time for me using codeproject site,
could you help me to solve this bug please?
Santhosh Kumar Jayaraman 14-Aug-12 8:56am
Please check my answer..Solution 2..Make sure you enter in correctcase
Kenneth Haugland 14-Aug-12 5:31am
SOmthing is wrong with your connection string, doh :)
Malli_S 14-Aug-12 5:49am
If possible do post the config file content. And for more help on connection string, visit
Saja Ali Nassar 14-Aug-12 8:41am
this my web.config

<!-- Conection Strings -->
<add key="PrintcardWS_URL" value=""> <!-- RHA @29/06/2005 Reports Connection String-->
<add key="HE_ConnectionString111" value="Server=Psdhe-server;DataBase=Unizwa-Staging-2;uid=eduwave;pwd=itgeduwave;"> <!-- RHA @29/06/2005 Reports Connection String-->
<add key="HE_ConnectionString" value="Server=itg-dbstaging;DataBase=TST_HEUoN_07032012;uid=wave;pwd=wavenewera;"> <!-- RHA @29/06/2005 Reports Connection String-->
<add key="ConnectionString7" value="Server=ITG-DB;DataBase=WaveERP_20110612;uid=wave;pwd=wavenewera;"> <!-- To be used for DB connections-->
<add key="rptConnString7" value="Server=ITG-DB;DataBase=WaveERP_20110612;uid=wave;pwd=wavenewera;"> <!-- RHA @29/06/2005 Reports Connection String-->
<add key="ConnectionString1111121212" value="Server=Itg-dbstaging;DataBase=DEV_ERPv2_Nizwa;uid=wave;pwd=wavenewera;"> <!-- To be used for DB connections-->
<add key="rptConnString111111212121" value="Server=Itg-dbstaging;DataBase=DEV_ERPv2_Nizwa;uid=wave;pwd=wavenewera;"> <!-- RHA @29/06/2005 Reports Connection String-->
<add key="ConnectionString11111111" value="Server=psdhe-server;DataBase=WaveERP20111025;uid=eduwave;pwd=itgeduwave;"> <!-- To be used for DB connections-->
<add key="rptConnString111111" value="Server=psdhe-server;DataBase=WaveERP20111025;uid=eduwave;pwd=itgeduwave;"> <!-- RHA @29/06/2005 Reports Connection String-->
<add key="ConnectionString11111" value="Server=itg-dbstaging;DataBase=TST_WaveERP_07032012;uid=wave;pwd=wavenewera;"> <!-- To be used for DB connections-->
<add key="rptConnString111111" value="Server=itg-dbstaging;DataBase=TST_WaveERP_07032012;uid=wave;pwd=wavenewera;"> <!-- RHA @29/06/2005 Reports Connection String-->
<add key="ConnectionString" value="Server=ITG-DBSTAGING;DataBase=DEV_ACC;uid=acc;pwd=acc221;">
<!-- To be used for DB connections-->
<add key="rptConnString" value="Server=ITG-DBSTAGING;DataBase=DEV_ACC;uid=acc;pwd=acc221;">
<!-- RHA @29/06/2005 Reports Connection String-->
<add key="ConnectionStringHE" value="Server=;DataBase=WaveERP20111025;uid=wave1;pwd=wave;"> <!-- To be used for DB connections-->
<add key="rptConnStringHE" value="Server=;DataBase=WaveERP20111025;uid=wave1;pwd=wave;"> <!-- RHA @29/06/2005 Reports Connection String-->
<add key="ConnectionStringTST" value="Server=ITG-DB;DataBase=TST_WaveERP20110419;uid=wave;pwd=wavenewera;"> <!-- To be used for DB connections-->
<add key="rptConnStringTST" value="Server=ITG-DB;DataBase=TST_WaveERP20110419;uid=wave;pwd=wavenewera;"> <!-- RHA @29/06/2005 Reports Connection String-->
<add key="ConnectionString25102012" value="Server=ITG-DB;DataBase=WaveERP20111025;uid=wave;pwd=wavenewera;"> <!-- To be used for DB connections-->
<add key="rptConnString25102012" value="Server=ITG-DB;DataBase=WaveERP20111025;uid=wave;pwd=wavenewera;"> <!-- RHA @29/06/2005 Reports Connection String-->
<add key="ConnectionString333322" value="Server=ITG-DB;DataBase=WaveERP20111025;uid=wave;pwd=wavenewera;"> <!-- To be used for DB connections-->
<add key="rptConnString333322" value="Server=ITG-DB;DataBase=WaveERP20111025;uid=wave;pwd=wavenewera;"> <!-- RHA @29/06/2005 Reports Connection String-->
<add key="ConnectionString115675671" value="Server=ITG-DB;DataBase=TST_UON_20120117;uid=wave;pwd=wavenewera;"> <!-- To be used for DB connections-->
<add key="rptConnString156756711" value="Server=ITG-DB;DataBase=TST_UON_20120117;uid=wave;pwd=wavenewera;"> <!-- RHA @29/06/2005 Reports Connection String-->
<add key="ConnectionString43" value="Server=itg-db\sql2000;DataBase=Dev_ERPv2_Nizwa;uid=wave;pwd=wavenewera;"> <!-- To be used for DB connections-->
Malli_S 14-Aug-12 9:07am
Do one thing, paste your Config File in your question itself. Use 'Improve Question' option below your question.
Saja Ali Nassar 18-Aug-12 7:00am
thanks :)
[no name] 14-Aug-12 7:33am
That error is perfectly clear. What did you not understand?
Ganesh Nikam 18-Aug-12 8:15am
tell me your iis setting against web.config

It is case sensitive. Try changing it to <connectionStrings>.

Good luck!
Please check whether your config file looks like this.

<appSettings />
<add name="MainConnStr" connectionString="server=localhost;database=myDb;Integrated Security=SSPI;" providerName="System.Data.SqlClient"/>




it looks like you have .net framework 1.1 and 2.0 application hosted together.
Check this.[^]
Saja Ali Nassar 18-Aug-12 6:48am
I don't have this tag (<connectionstrings>) in my web.cofig

see this please:

<!-- Conection Strings -->
<add key="PrintcardWS_URL" value=""> <!-- RHA @29/06/2005 Reports Connection String-->

<add key="ConnectionString" value="Server=ITG-DBSTAGING;DataBase=DEV_ACC;uid=acc;pwd=acc221;">

<add key="ConnectionStringDocuments" value="Server=ITG-DB;DataBase=GRP_Documents;uid=wave;pwd=wavenewera;"> <!-- connections for documents DB -->
<add key="WorkFlowConnectionString222" value="Server=EduWaveServer;DataBase=WF;uid=Eduwave;pwd=ITGEduwave;"> <!-- connections for Work Flow DB --> <!-- AZE -->
<add key="WorkFlowConnectionString" value="Server=PSDGRP\SQL2005;DataBase=PSD_WF_UoNQA;uid=wave;pwd=wavenewera;"> <!-- connections for Work Flow DB --> <!-- AZE -->
<add key="WorkFlowConnectionString55555" value="Server=ITG-DB;DataBase=WF_20111027;uid=wave;pwd=wavenewera;"> <!-- connections for Work Flow DB --> <!-- AZE -->
<add key="ITDCConnectionString" value="Server=EDUWAVESERVER;DataBase=AccessCard;uid=Eduwave;pwd=ITGEduwave;">
<add key="ChargeCardWS" value="http://itg-rayyad1/wsChargeCard/ChargeCardWS.asmx">
<!-- System Values -->
<add key="AppliedSystem" value="ERP"> <!--TFF This Key For using switch the system form GRP to ERP system or visversa; values=String format(ERP,GRP) -->
<add key="adminUser" value="sa"> <!--MAA Admin user name.-->
<add key="FloatNumbersFormats" value="###,##0.000"> <!--MAA @14/08/2005 Decimals Numbers Format.-->
<add key="PagingSize" value="5"> <!--PagingSize--> <!--Modified by maa-->
<add key="MaxLength" value="9"> <!-- mbarhouma @22/05/2006 To set the MaxLength for the TextBox(s) -->
<add key="SystemDateFormat" value="en-gb"> <!-- Daite format-->
<add key="SystemDateTimeFormat" value="ar-jo"> <!-- DateTime format-->
<add key="ValidateRequest" value="false"> <!-- maj @ 07/06/2007 To Enable and Disable Changing URL In WaveERP -->
<!-- ERP/GRP Web Services -->
<add key="AutomaticVoucherServiceURL" value="http://itg-snassar/WaveERP/WaveERP_Financial/Web_services/ERP_AutomaticVoucher.asmx"> <!--maa - Path of Automatic Voucher Service -->
<add key="SupportWebServiceURL" value="http://itg-snassar/WaveERP/WaveERP_WebServices/ERP_SupportWebService.asmx"> <!--eya - Path of Automatic Voucher Service -->
<add key="Payroll_WebServiceURL" value="http://itg-snassar/WaveERP/WaveERP_Payroll/Web_Services/Payroll_WebService.asmx"> <!-- Adi Smadi 9-4-2007 used to terminate an employee's service -->
<add key="MailServer" value="">
<add key="HR_EMail" value="">
<add key="VacationSender_EMail" value="">
<add key="WaveERP_URL" value="http://itg-snassar/WaveERP/ERP_Login.aspx">
<add key="Mail_Domain" value="">
<add key="NizwaLogoURL" value="http://PSDGRP/WaveERP_UoN_QA/Images/enter.jpg">
<add key="AccessButtonURL_Arabic" value="http://PSDGRP/WaveERP_UoN_QA/Images/dd555d.jpg">
<add key="AccessButtonURL_Eng" value="http://PSDGRP/WaveERP_UoN_QA/Images/dd555d.jpg">
<!-- Applications Paths -->
<add key="ApplicationPath" value="http://itg-snassar/WaveERP/"> <!-- Path 1 of Application-->
<add key="WaveERP_ApplicationPath" value="http://itg-snassar/WaveERP/"> <!-- Path 2 of Application-->
<add key="Financial_ApplicationPath" value="http://itg-snassar/WaveERP/WaveERP_Financial/"> <!-- Path of Application-->
Santhosh Kumar Jayaraman 18-Aug-12 6:51am
Then where you are mentioning about server and database?
Saja Ali Nassar 18-Aug-12 6:56am
I've updated my Question, could you see it please?

Santhosh Kumar Jayaraman 18-Aug-12 6:57am
now what u r getting?
Saja Ali Nassar 18-Aug-12 7:08am
1.1 farmework dose not support (ConnectionStrings) tag, dose it?
so I add it as a key in the (appSettings) tag,
i dont know why this bug raised although I'm not using (ConnectionStrings)!!!
Saja Ali Nassar 18-Aug-12 7:08am
(ConnectionStrings) tag
Santhosh Kumar Jayaraman 18-Aug-12 7:13am
check this
Saja Ali Nassar 18-Aug-12 7:44am
I have another applications 2.0 in the same server and there is no connection between them and the 1.1 application, but when i changed the framework on the iis from 1.1 to 2.0 it works but another bug raised which is I couldn't use the debuge option on the 1.1 code during the running of the application.
Santhosh Kumar Jayaraman 18-Aug-12 7:46am
have u did this?
now wat error u r getting?
Saja Ali Nassar 18-Aug-12 7:52am
yes I've done it, there is no error except that I couldn't debug the code while the application running, because the debug option depends on the real framework of the application which is (1.1)
Santhosh Kumar Jayaraman 18-Aug-12 8:01am
i dont think you will be able to debug in iis hosted in server
Saja Ali Nassar 18-Aug-12 8:22am
I cant debug it locally in my pc
Santhosh Kumar Jayaraman 18-Aug-12 8:29am
why ??whats happeneing? I can help you only if you explain error message or warning message
Saja Ali Nassar 18-Aug-12 9:17am
the problem I explained in my question about (ConnectionStrings) tag in web.config already raised locally in my pc,
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