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I am developing a simple painting tool using Qt. For that I modified Qt's scribble code to draw text on an image. I can draw text on a normal jpg image using the below code. But when I load a big image(high resolution image), The text overlaps each other. I tried several technique but not get a perfect result


QPainter painter(&image);

   painter.setPen(m_myPenColor);//(QPen(m_myPenColor, myPenWidth,

   painter.setFont(m_myFont );

   QFontMetricsF fm(m_myFont);
   qreal pixelsHigh = fm.height();
   qreal pixelwidthMil = fm.width("First Text");
   qreal pixelwidthMm = fm.width("Second Text");
   qreal pixelWidthMax= (pixelwidthMil>=pixelwidthMm)?pixelwidthMil:pixelwidthMm;
   int iX=0,iY=0;
   iX = endPoint.x();

   iY = endPoint.y()+(int)pixelsHigh;

   painter.drawText(iX+2, iY, "First Text");
   iY = iY + (int)pixelsHigh+1;
   painter.drawText(iX+2, iY, "Second Text");

   pixelsHigh = (pixelsHigh*2)+6;

   pixelWidthMax = pixelWidthMax+6;
   update(endPoint.x()-2, endPoint.y()-2, (int)pixelWidthMax,(int)pixelsHigh);
Updated 18-Aug-12 19:52pm

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