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I have an interview ,for this I need to learn some concepts.
I searched a lot for 3-Tier architecture.I read about this concept from the below links,
now my doubts are,
1.In first method(first link)
I am not understand how was the parameters are passed those are defined in BL.
2.In second method(second link)
there is no separete logic in the BL,here just call the DL methods,
and in PL again created obj of BL and call the BL methods,here what is the use of BL.
I am new to this concept that's why I got these doubts.
Can anybody clarify my doubts or give me simple example that clearly explains about 3-Tier architecture.

1 solution

If you're new to the concept, then you shouldn't expect to get a good job that does them. A moron might not spot that you got some random answers off the web the day before, but anyone who gives you a job on that basis, you'll regret working there. Spend a month or so doing a basic three tiered app, then start going for jobs. It's not really enough where I live, but where you do, it probably is. It will mean you can answer actual questions instead of repeating what we told you and hoping it's what they want to hear.
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