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i was working in android ndk and found that the following function
int err = service->dump(STDOUT_FILENO, args);

print the dump of service on console but it to print it in file,how can i do that
i have written the following function to take data in buffer

#define LOGFILE "C:\\MyServices\\dump.txt"
#define buffer 2500
int WriteToLog(char* str)
   FILE* log;
   log = fopen(LOGFILE, "a+");
   if (log == NULL)
      return -1;
   fprintf(log, "%s\n", str);
   return 0;

if want to print something in file i used to do like this:-

for (size_t i=0; i<N; i++) {
           sp<IBinder> service = sm->checkService(services[i]);
           if (service != NULL) {
               sprinf(buffer,"services[%d] = %s",i,services[i]);
               aout << "  " << services[i] << endl;

but don't know how to take data from this function
int err = service->dump(STDOUT_FILENO, args);

into the file.

Can anybody tell this?

1 solution

FILE* f = fopen("logfile", "a+");
int err = service->dump(fileno(f), args);

fileno() is in <stdio.h>.

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