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I work php and I have problem in organizatoin of my site.
I can not to regular my functions.
this problem is very critically.
I think if use of object oriented programming =>solve my problem
Updated 20-Aug-12 0:54am

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I think you used Google translate to ask your question in English, didn't you? :) anyway, from what i can understand from your question you are having trouble managing and organising your website in a modular way and separating logic from the presentation layer.

Well, to be honest PHP is not Object Oriented in true sense (i might be wrong as well). Its an interpreted language so it does tend to become a little spaghetti like after a while as the code grows.

However, separating your UI and business and data logic into classes and referencing them in your GUI is always a good idea. Although it really depends how complex is the structure of your web-app. I would definitely rule in the favour of Object Oriented and layered style of development, its definitely worth a shot. Makes it easier to organise the site and hence manage it especially when pushing changes to the website where you can localise the change to a specific file rather than updating a messy and bloated single file apps.

Hope this helps to some extent. Cheers.
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