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I am new to Visual Basic and working my way through some online tutorials.

I cannot find the "Group" property for radio buttons. For example, if I use the toolbox to simply add two radio buttons to a blank form, then click on the first radio button, the tutorial says there should be a "Group" property in the properties window.

But when I click on the first radio button and sort my properties window alphabetically, the available properties go from "Application Settings" down to "Generate Member", then to "Image". There is no property named "Group".

Hoping someone can explain what I am doing wrong.

Thanks in advance.
Christian Graus 20-Aug-12 15:08pm    
Is this VB.NET ? It's surely not VB6 ?
[no name] 20-Aug-12 15:12pm    
I think you are following a tutorial that does not apply for your version of VB.
ridoy 20-Aug-12 15:26pm    
Yes,i also think as Wes Aday

1 solution

You are using a tutorial for the wrong version. You don't have (or need) a Group property.

More sensibly, radio buttons do not need to know what "Group" they are in - instead they are in the same group as all the other radio buttons in the same container. So all you need to do is put them inside a container, and they will work fine. The normal container is a GroupBox - but a panel will probably do as well.
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Maciej Los 20-Aug-12 16:03pm    
Yes! +5!
AZinik 20-Aug-12 16:05pm    
Thanks a bunch!
OriginalGriff 21-Aug-12 3:40am    
You're welcome!
ridoy 20-Aug-12 16:12pm    
good answer..+5

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