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There is an issue which is bugging me for 2 days. while debugging an project , I get this issue .

"Unable to step. The operation could not be completed. A retry should be performed."

several times. Does anyone knows how to fix it?? Problem is described here too with solution in the link, but it didn't work for me. The toughest part for those trying to help might be to emulate the issue. It usually comes up when i debug using breakpoint and hitting F10 to step.[^][^]

I am using Visual studio 2008.
Updated 21-Aug-12 3:24am
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 21-Aug-12 13:31pm
The second link should give you the idea. Not so simple situation though. Is there something you don't understand. Keep in mind that we don't have your project to be able to reproduce the problem...
Praveen Kullu 22-Aug-12 1:10am
I had mentioned that SA, toughest is to emulate the problem.

There are 2 workarounds for this issue recommended by development team of visual studio..

1. This problem happens when debugging ASP.NET and when script debugging is enabled in IE. If you disable script debugging in IE, or toggle it on and off when switching between debugger server-side and client-side problems, you would be able to work around the issue.

2. If your web application is using setTimeout, you may be able to avoid or at least reduce the problem by doing something to ensure that script runs less often. This could mean increasing the timeout value, or this could mean adding conditions around when setTimeout is used.
Praveen Kullu 22-Aug-12 0:41am
I had found this answer in the second link I have mentioned above, and followed the instructions , but it didn't work out for me. I was hoping for some other answers. Seems SA kryukov is right about this. "There is no answer".
Praveen Kullu 22-Aug-12 1:11am
The links I have given above are the same as given by you Sir, I have only shortened its URL.

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