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HI All,

I have nearly 20+ windows applications and i want all the windows applications to be accessed with one web application. I want to access the web on role basis.
Let us take 4 windows apps by name Win_App1, Win_App2 , Win_App3, Win_App4. If a user enters the web app with admin role he can access all the windows apps(Win_App1
, Win_App2, Win_App3, Win_App4) and if a user enters the web app with employee role he can access only two win apps(say Win_App1, Win_App4) and other two win apps can be accessed by other user with a different role.

1 solution

This is easy to do. I assume you mean they can download these programs, they can't RUN them through your site. But, you just create logins, that's obviously needed, and you create a table of roles and a table defining roles to users. Then you assign each program to a role, and when you show programs to download, you do a SQL call checking what programs exist that have roles that are in the list of roles for the logged in user.
revanth.crazy 28-Aug-12 2:35am
Thanks for the reply, but user has to run the program through my website
Christian Graus 28-Aug-12 11:04am
Run it through your website ? That's not really possible, you'd need to rewrite the app to be web based.
revanth.crazy 11-Sep-12 3:42am
Is there any way to create all the win apps to user controls separately and add them to my web app
Christian Graus 11-Sep-12 4:13am
You can create active X controls and host them in your web app, assuming the user allows them to run. This assumes the windows apps are apps you wrote and can therefore turn in to activeX controls.
revanth.crazy 13-Sep-12 9:14am
can u pls provide some sample code for the same
Christian Graus 13-Sep-12 16:33pm
Search the site for articles, this is not a copy and paste code situation

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