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can u plz tell me how to encrypt and decrypt text by using RSA algorithm???please take an example and explain so that we can understand more better.
[no name] 25-Aug-12 5:51am    
"an example and explain"... you realize that this is a total waste of time since no one could possible know what you are capable of understanding. Which is generally why the guidelines request that you ask a specific question.
Joan M 25-Aug-12 6:20am    
Come on!
You've wrote a bad question, not sepcific enough as it seems you want to receive a book and a master class on RSA algorithms.
CP works and works very well, we have plenty of people here wanting to help, but questions like yours make us want to cut our veins...
Imagine you want to help but the person that is asking for help is doing it in a lazy and unclear way.
Imagine that this happens a lot of times per day.
This behavior is bad for everyone, helpers get frustrated.
Who is making the question is not getting answers, gets downvoted and after a while rejected from codeproject...
Joan M 25-Aug-12 6:21am    
Oh, and as an advice, don't use txtspk, it gives a bad impression, non english people find it harder to understand...

1 solution

Are you really using C ? I googled and found this[^]

If you're using C#, then the Cryptography namespace has all the methods you need. If this is the case, please retag your question.
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