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lot of companies are considering converting their existing applications made in to MVC and also considering the performance issue with w.r.t mvc do u think an web application made in also can standard in market 1-2 years from now???
ZurdoDev 27-Aug-12 11:22am
deepakaitr12345 4-Sep-12 7:52am
Yes there are few constraints that are really good for the MVC development.
but the normal application will stand from 1-2 year from now that must be develped as per the page life cycle provided by microsoft.


Seeing the current scenario it seems that almost all .net projects are moving towards MVC. It would not wonder if there are all new projects being made in MVC. will never die.. has the rich set of controls which do not fit into MVC framework.. No matter how much mvc is preferred, webforms will always be there
Personally, I much prefer working with the MVC framework. Considering the way the web is moving, with more and more sites being accessed by mobile \ smartphones, UIs are becoming more lightweight HTML with javascript components for client side interactivity.

The MVC pattern fits more naturally into the stateless nature of the web, and the overall feel of the framework is geared towards this. I always felt that webforms tried to bridge the gap between 'traditional' VB6 forms design and the web, which while was helpful in taking the learning curve out of people moving into the .Net framework (many years ago!) didn't truly represent the web.

At the company I work for, we still have many Webforms 'administration' applications that have been around for years. They still work, they do their job, they are internally used so we don't have to consider mobile or cross browser considerations - in my opinion it's not worth the man hours to redeisgn them in MVC just because we can.

However, for all new developments, we're definitely using MVC. Anything customer facing is strictly using MVC, with backbone or knockout based UI designs. With MVC we get a brilliant continuous intergration environment with Team City, with unit tests and UI tests run as part of every check in. It's simple and it works.
ASP.Net will long last. Do not worry.

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