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Hi, I'm working on a fingerprint recognition project in C# .Net windows application.

I want to convert 8 bit-depth grayscale TIFF fingerprint image to some code which i can understand and used for further processing. like one pixel converted to one code (ranging from 1 to 256 as the image has 8 bit depth = 256 types of grey).

What kind of conversion should i do? What is the command i should use? ( i'm a absolute newbie in C#)

Many thx in advance

Question Update:

I'm trying to convert the pixel color data on a 8 bit depth grayscale image(256 types of black to white) to numbers, i want these numbers to be in proper arrangement according to the pixel, as in lines of pixels in the image will be converted to line of numbers.

For eg.

0= black, 255= white , 1-254= intermediate grey between black and white

So, for a gray scale image

i want the generated code to be like:

0811FF00...... (in hexadecimal), where 08= 8th grey, 11= 17th grey, FF=white, and 00= black


00001000000101111111111100000000..... (in binary code), where 00001000= 8th grey, 00010111=17th grey, 11111111= white, and 00000000= black

Previosly, i thought image to byte conversion will give arrays of binary numbers(each represent a pixel depth), i guess i was wrong.

Anyone can guide me in this please?

Updated 24-Nov-09 18:41pm

1 solution

( i'm a absolute newbie in C#)

Hi, I'm working on a fingerprint recognition project in C# .Net windows application.


This seems a little insane to me.  Do you have tons of C++ experience to make up for this shortfall ? you can plainly build a matrix of bytes to represent the image, assuming your color map lines up correctly, it will be easy, that's basically how the image is stored.  But, trying to recognise one print from another, is a very complex task.

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