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Suppose: I want to render text in a frame separated from a grid in another frame. When the cursor passes over a cell the text must be rendered and when I move out the text must disappear. I get the data but strange if there's a space between two words, the text will not appear, although the data are there.

I retrieve the data in a repeater and I manipulate them with repeater_itemdatabound.


Sub Repeater_ItemDataBound(ByVal s As Object, ByVal e As RepeaterItemEventArgs)

    'here I retrieve the data
    Dim reader As SqlDataReader = cm.ExecuteReader()
    While reader.Read()
If reader("DSOmschrijving") <> "" Then
            var1 = 1
var2 = reader("DSOmschrijving").ToString
        End If
    End While
    ' Test to render them
    ' response.write(var2) ---> and indeed the text is rendered on
    ' the screen(principal frame).
    '  here the text must be in frame2
    If var1 = 1 Then
LabDSCode.Text = "<td bgcolor='#999999'>" & 
     "<a href='details.aspx?ds=" & dataLLDCode & 
     "&didsug=" & var2 & 
     "' onMouseOver=parent.frames[1];parent.frames[1].document.write('" & var2 & "');parent.frames[1].document.close();>".ToString & 
     "&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp" & "</a>"
    End If
    ' If I delete all the spaces (&nbsp) it works , but otherwise not.

If there's someone who knows a solution ???

Thxs a lot ....

Updated 25-Nov-09 5:15am

1 solution

I assume you're using AJAX for this to work at all.  Why did you not tag your question as being about ASP.NET ?

Adding an extra table element seems odd to me, why not lay out your table and only manipulate it's contents ?

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