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I have a dataset of 1480576 row,i want to break it in 16 tables by loop.Anyone can help me?

gives you an array of Datarows.
If you use LINQ as below;
myDataTable.Select(x => x).Take(100).ToEnumerable();

gives you the first 100 DataRows and
myDataTable.Select(x => x).Skip(100).Take(100).ToEnumerable();

for the next 100.

Hope this helps :)

Sandeep Mewara 30-Aug-12 8:20am
So many rows of data in memory.. I would avoid that.
Well, weird question. Not much of an info shared.

Since you asked on how to break a dataset into 16 tables, you would need to loop 16 times to get 92536 records from the dataset. Get them and store them in a separate table.
for(int i=0; i<16 ; i++)
  // Create a datatable here: table[i]
  for(int j=0; j<92536; j++)
      //Get data for row number [i*92536+j] of large dataset
      // insert these data in the table[i]

StackQ 30-Aug-12 8:29am
can u tell me how can i save my data in excel file from dataset,in 3 sheets,if rows are 65536*3 in dataset.One thing that i don't want to define 3 sheet,if 1st sheet saved by 65536 rows,then next 65536 rows should save in 2nd sheet and so on in same excel file.plz help bcoz i m trying since 4 days to make a program by which i can save data,from dataset to excel in multiple sheet dynamically.

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