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I am perplexed figuring out why a malformed query of a gmail account in outlook crashes my application instead of simply raising an exception. Seems that there is an uncaught win32 exception based on calling the code from unmanaged C++. The error goes away when I change the outlook profile location. I still don't understand why my .NET code could not catch the exception as I had nested > 20 exceptions to try to catch the issue.

I also can't directly debug the code in .NET since I am unable to set the STAAttribute and my compiler Visual Studio 2010 Professional doesn't allow me to debug C++/CLI code.[^]

The query error is simple with # missing on a date
SELECT * FROM inbox WHERE Body Like '%BWIC%' And rECEIVED>=#07/26/2012

I've tried adding many exceptions to the catch statement, but can't prevent the crash.

System::Data::DataSet ^db_DataSet=gcnew System::Data::DataSet;	
int const Fill_Result=db_Adapter.Fill(db_DataSet);
catch (System::Exception ^ex) {
catch (...) {
finally {
   if (db_Conn)
Updated 31-Aug-12 5:42am
[no name] 31-Aug-12 10:54am
"when I change the outlook profile location"... perhaps you should examine why the crash goes away when you change the location.
T2102 31-Aug-12 11:12am
Unfortunately it's not consistent and may have been a coincidence. The article I reference indicates that the ole provider for outlook is meant to be run in STA instead of MTA. Otherwise you get an error such as " System.Data.OleDb.OleDbException: There are no MAPI clients installed on this machine. Install a MAPI client (like Outlook) on this machine." I think .NET and the provider may be the source of the problem, but I still can't figure out why it can't catch an exception.

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