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I have xml file with special character, & < > " '

When I read XML file into data table it displays information in correct format.
i.e & < > " ' is replaced by & < > " '

When I do add new row and write data table back to XML , special characters
& < > replaced by & < > get , but " ' not replaced by " and '.

when I write data table to XML, How to replace special character " ' by " and ' ?

Zoltán Zörgő 31-Aug-12 2:04am    
Sorry, but review your post for correct encoding. Use html encoded characters:
Andreas Gieriet 1-Sep-12 16:27pm    
That's mean! You seem to struggle with HTML encoding in your question: HTML is (kind of) XML. Change at the right places & by &amp;xxx;, e.g. &amp;quot; so that you get &quot;.
Please edit your question such that we know what conversion you struggle with.

1 solution

I would say it's ok as it is.
Or do you have any issues with some consumers of your XML data?
The special character entities &apos; and &quot; only are relevant within attribute values. Otherwise, the plain " and ' can be used.
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