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Hi Friends,
Here i have an url.
now i want if i enter
then it should redirect to Faq page using Account Controller.

Here i am using this code.

Global.ascx Page Code
               , "Faq"
                 , new { controller = "Account", action = "Faq" });

Controller Code
public class AccountController : Controller
        public ActionResult Faq()
            return View();

Now i want to open Faq.cshtml if i entered url

can you help me how can i redirect to page "Faq" whose action method contained in Account Controller.

i want url

insted of

Please do needful....................
Updated 31-Aug-12 2:05am

1 solution

You should use Web.config defaultDocument[^], and you can even put a web.config in each folder, and inside that config just have the default document set.

sunandandutt 31-Aug-12 6:24am
Not Working............
_Amy 31-Aug-12 6:25am
Did you tried? What you tried show me.
sunandandutt 31-Aug-12 7:18am
You have deleted the code so can you tell me how can i do this.?
_Amy 31-Aug-12 7:23am
You should not post your code in my answer. Try using comment or improve your question. And also copy pasting will not enhance your knowledge, try using the similar logic given in the link. :)

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