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I have a button to inser records in database and a customeValidation function to check the fromDate and toDate's dateDifference must be less than 31 days. So I writted custCheckDates_ServerValidate event like this.
DateTime dt1 = new DateTime(year,month, day);
DateTime dt2 = new DateTime(year1, month1, day1);
TimeSpan diffRes = dt2.Subtract(dt1);
if (diffRes.Days > 31)
args.IsValid = false;
args.IsValid = true;

It's working fine but when validation false it displays error msg but also insert records in the database.

So how I can stop the execution of inserting records in database if validation is false. I know that if I use ClientSideValidationFunction then writting 'return false' stop it but I want it server side.

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You can use Page.IsValid[^] property to check if validation succeed. if it returns false then you should not insert your record in database.

So this property will be checked before insert function.

-Amit Gajjar
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Dinesh Ambaliya 3-Sep-12 0:35am    
Thanks! It's working now.
AmitGajjar 3-Sep-12 0:36am    
Great, mark it as answered if it works for you.

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