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Hi, I'm trying to print my IP Address on a window label using C# - it's only a couple of lines of code but prints garbage, almost like a MAC address. I've heard a loop might be needed but I'm assuming it will be the first IP address in AddressList. Here's the code:

private void Form1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
           IPHostEntry IPHost = Dns.GetHostEntry(Dns.GetHostName());
           //IPHostEntry IPHost = Dns.GetHostByName();
           lblStatus.Text = "My IP address is " + IPHost.AddressList[0].ToString();
           alSockets = new ArrayList();
           Thread thdListener = new Thread(new ThreadStart(listenerThread));


Any help much appreciated.

public static bool IsLocalIpAddress(string host)
  { // get host IP addresses
    IPAddress[] hostIPs = Dns.GetHostAddresses(host);
    // get local IP addresses
    IPAddress[] localIPs = Dns.GetHostAddresses(Dns.GetHostName());

    // test if any host IP equals to any local IP or to localhost
    foreach (IPAddress hostIP in hostIPs)
      // is localhost
      if (IPAddress.IsLoopback(hostIP)) return true;
      // is local address
      foreach (IPAddress localIP in localIPs)
        if (hostIP.Equals(localIP)) return true;
  catch { }
  return false;
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Prasad_Kulkarni 3-Sep-12 2:47am    
My 5!
Hi ,
It will be faster if you Google it by yourself
Best Regards
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Prasad_Kulkarni 3-Sep-12 2:47am    
Yes, A 5!
Mohamed Mitwalli 3-Sep-12 2:56am    
Thanks Prasad
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Prasad_Kulkarni 3-Sep-12 2:47am    
5'ed :D
ridoy 3-Sep-12 4:31am    
thanks Prasad

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