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I am developing a project of a medicine shop.

where I need to provide pack value e.g. 10mg, 2 mg , 10S where int as well as string value is there.

Is it possible to separate these two values and place these in different variable.
I can't use Substring() because the length of int and string are not same.

Please help me.
[no name] 1-Sep-12 9:43am
Be happy with your code.
I didn't understand people like you doesn't have any adaptation capability.
OriginalGriff 1-Sep-12 10:01am
Congratulations! You win today's star prize for the most unhelpful and stupid comment on Codeproject.
Everyone has to start somewhere: because you may understand the problem and they don't is not a reason to be rude to someone asking a sensible question. Please do not do it again.
[no name] 1-Sep-12 14:24pm
thanks OriginalGriff
OriginalGriff 2-Sep-12 2:22am
You are welcome!
[no name] 1-Sep-12 15:11pm
I didn't understand why people downrated the question even they don't understand the question or don't know the answer.
There should a mechanism in CodeProject where anyone downrate anything they need to give a reason for it.
otherwise it will be cancelled.

I'd use a Regex:
Regex regex = new Regex("(?<Number>\\d+)(?<Unit>.*)");
Match m = regex.Match("10mg");
if (m.Success)
    int number = int.Parse(m.Groups["Number"].Value);
    string unit = m.Groups["Unit"].Value;
ridoy 1-Sep-12 10:00am
good one..+5
[no name] 1-Sep-12 14:33pm
Its working perfectly
just need to add one namespace
and its done.
Thanks thanks thanks
Thank you very much.
All the code and the source was unknown to me.
I learned a new thing today.
Thanks thanks.
Can you give me a link except msdn to learn about RegularExpressions.
another extra help.
Help me.
Thanks for the code.
OriginalGriff 2-Sep-12 2:28am
Have a look at this:
It covers the basics (there is a heck of a lot of useful stuff in a regex, it is difficult to cover in a short article).

Also, get a copy of Expresso ( - it's free, and it examines, generates and tests regular expressions. It's a lovely bit of software - I use it a lot to create and test regexes, it can then auto generate the appropriate C# code for you, ready to paste into your app.
[no name] 2-Sep-12 6:38am
Thanks once again
[no name] 1-Sep-12 14:35pm
above solution worked perfectly.
So didn't take extra headache to open the link.
Thanks for the link.

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