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Hi i am writing a program i need to change the messages that different keys send computer
for example when someone pressed 'k' i want that computer think that i pressed 'q' how can i do it i worked with hook and input but i couldnt get results in C++ win32
Updated 5-Sep-12 1:06am
JackDingler 5-Sep-12 10:41am    
Perhaps if you told us what you're trying to accomplish with this, we might be able to point you in a better direction?
ZiDoM 5-Sep-12 10:56am    
i want to ndisable space bar and send another key for example '1 to a program'
JackDingler 5-Sep-12 11:59am    
Is this a program you are writing, or an app for which you don't have source code?
ZiDoM 5-Sep-12 12:10pm    
I am using hook and i am writing hotkey for another program its a game
ZiDoM 6-Sep-12 13:54pm    
Any other ideas i cant solve it myself

You could specify a conversion table like this:

char temp = readkey();
char result;
if (temp == "k") result = q;
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ZiDoM 5-Sep-12 6:45am    
this doesnt work in win32
You can hook into Windows Message Queue check for WM_KEYXYZ and manipulate the message.

It makes no big sense to do something like this but it is possible ;)

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ZiDoM 5-Sep-12 6:53am    
sry but i am not such pro can you give me example
[no name] 5-Sep-12 6:58am    
What kind of environment are you using? Visual Studio, Embarcadero?
ZiDoM 5-Sep-12 7:35am    
Visual Studio
Use Replace method.

Console.Write(Console.ReadLine().Replace('k', 'q'));
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ZiDoM 5-Sep-12 6:57am    
i am programming in win32
[no name] 5-Sep-12 7:01am    
You should tag it!
[no name] 5-Sep-12 7:05am    
Cool down ;) At least he mentioned it in his question....
ZiDoM 5-Sep-12 7:05am    
i said that in my question

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