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This is probably old question but can't find an answer...
I have a DataGridView and display a query results in it

Table1: Field1, Field2, ID
Table2: ID, LName, FName

DataSet ds get values from "SELECT Field1, Field2, LName & ' ' & FName As Name FROM Table1, Table2 WHERE Table1.ID = Table2.ID"
dGrid.DataSource = ds.Tables[0]

Then I'd like to make 3rd column a combobox with an option to select values from Table2

DataGridViewComboBoxColumn cbc = new DataGridViewComboBoxColumn();
DataSet ds1 get from "SELECT ID, LName & ' ' & FName As Name FROM Table2"
cbc.DataPropertyName = "Name";
cbc.DataSource = ds1.Tables[0];
cbc.ValueMember = "Name";
cbc.DisplayMember = "Name";
dGrid.Columns.Insert(2, cbc);

Gives me Argument Exception error. Not sure why.
Does anybody have a working example?

1 solution

Try debugging your source code and figure out which line throws the error.

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