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I have a script to create xml config files for Mifi boxes that we will be deploying on a large scale. I want to be able to take input from the user as to what the config file is named. I have added more code below the only thing I am leaving out are the 800+ lines of me creating all the config file XML fields.

Set xmlDoc = _

'here is where I create all the fields of the xml config file
'Code continued below.

strConfigFileName = UserInput ( "Enter output file name" )

Set myFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set OutputFileName = myFSO.OpenTextFile( "C:\Users\testing\Documents\Scripts\Edit XML\" & strConfigFileName & ".xml", 8, True)
OutputFileName.Close ("C:\Users\testing\Documents\Scripts\Edit XML\" & OutputFileName)

xmlDoc.Async = "False"
xmlDoc.Load("C:\Users\testing\Documents\Scripts\Edit XML\" & OutputFileName)

strSsid = UserInput( "Enter Device SSID:" )
Set colNodes1=xmlDoc.selectNodes _

For Each objVersion in colNodes1
   objVersion.Text = strSsid

strDeviceIp = UserInput( "Enter Device IP Address:" )
Set colNodes2=xmlDoc.selectNodes _

For Each objVersion in colNodes2
   objVersion.Text = strDeviceIp

strWpaPassword = UserInput( "Enter WPA Password:" )
'WScript.Echo "You entered: " & strInput

Set colNodes3=xmlDoc.selectNodes _

For Each objVersion in colNodes3
   objVersion.Text = strWpaPassword

strAdminPassword = UserInput( "Enter Admin Password:" )
'WScript.Echo "You entered: " & strInput

Set colNodes4=xmlDoc.selectNodes _

For Each objVersion in colNodes4
   objVersion.Text = strAdminPassword
  "C:\Users\testing\Documents\Scripts\VBScript to XML\mifisettings.xml"  

but it is telling me that the xmlDoc.Save does not support this method. Can anyone help?
Updated 6-Sep-12 3:27am
[no name] 5-Sep-12 15:33pm    
And what type is xmlDoc?
ZurdoDev 5-Sep-12 16:24pm    
Where is the code where you define xmlDoc?
Flatlineskillz 6-Sep-12 8:50am    
Set xmlDoc = _
ZurdoDev 6-Sep-12 9:10am    
According to the method is save, lowercase.
Flatlineskillz 6-Sep-12 9:12am    
Tried that and it didnt work

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Flatlineskillz 7-Sep-12 11:14am    
I am not sure what you mean. I tried switching to a newer version of the MSXMLDOM but I still get the same error. Do you mean try using an ActiveXObject. I apologize but I don't do much scripting and this is the first time I have used VBScript and XML together. Thanks for your time.
Mehdi Gholam 7-Sep-12 11:23am    
If you don't have to use vbscript, use c# or instead it will much simpler and easier.

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