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int[,] intArray=new string[dataGridView1.Rows.Count,dataGridView1.Columns.Count];

--------where dataGridView1.rows=5048576 and columns.count=21

--------i want to convert intArray to string array.

string[,] stringArray=???(how to convert above intArray?????

Try something like
stringArray = s1.Select(n => Convert.ToString(n)).ToArray();
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Santhosh Kumar Jayaraman 6-Sep-12 2:02am    
+5. but inside lambda expression you can just say n.ToString() instead of convert.ToString(n)
Abhinav S 6-Sep-12 4:10am    
Convert.ToString is always a better option. In case n is null, tostring will throw an error.
Santhosh Kumar Jayaraman 6-Sep-12 4:25am    
Yes right.But i believe here we are trying to convert an integer tp string, there are no chances of having null as a value unless if its nullable int.
Abhinav S 6-Sep-12 8:08am    
That is correct.
private void TestMethod(int[] intArray)
   string[] stringArray =
   (intArray,new Converter<int,string>

  // string result = string.Join(",", stringArray);

private string ConvertIntToString(int intParameter)
   return intParameter.ToString();


or using Extensionmethod
string[] stringArray = intArray.Select(i => i.ToString()).ToArray():
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ridoy 6-Sep-12 1:55am    

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