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i created a windows application in c#.i converted it into an exe file and installed that exe in another system. while running that software(exe) it goes to a form to enter details. when i try to enter details in that text box im gettin an exception
"Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt" provide me a solution for it
DaveAuld 6-Sep-12 4:23am
What is the code that is executing to generate the exception, there maybe something around there. Are you logged is as a non-administrative user? How about if you are logged in as administrative user?
AmitGajjar 6-Sep-12 5:25am
Add try...catch and print stacktrace.

1 solution

We can't.

We have absolutely no idea what your software is doing, how it is doing it, or any other details which would help.

I'm afraid all we can do is give general advice:
If the software only fails on a non-development machine, then you need to add logging statements to trace the execution, and try to work out where in the code it is failing - what path it took to get to the point at which it fails.

If you can get it to fail on your development machine, then you can use the debugger to speed the process up.

The one thing I would avoid if I could is: Do not be tempted to install VS on the machine that is failing - it may install something which cures the problem. Which is a nightmare, because you will never know what it was and the problem will happen again, normally when there is little or no time to fix it...
vijkrnandini 6-Sep-12 5:07am
my application is entering details and saving it in database. when i run it in my system it runs properly.when i convert into exe and run in another system im getting this exception.
OriginalGriff 6-Sep-12 5:13am
That is like saying "My car is a Ford Mondeo, but when my mother drives it, it doesn't work".

We can't help you, based on that. You need to work out roughly what code is executing when the problem occurs.

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