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Hi All,

I am working on a C# web application. I need to select/highlight some area on an image on focus of a textbox, and then de-select the area when the focus is lost. I have been able to do so on click of a button, by using bitmap and Graphics object. But I cant do the same on textbox onfocus event.

I had used the following code written inside a static server side function :

Bitmap bmp = (Bitmap)Bitmap.FromFile("~/Images/SampleDoc.jpg");
Graphics g = Graphics.FromImage(bmp);

Pen snowPen = new Pen(Color.Blue, 2);
g.DrawRectangle(snowPen, 600, 225, 100, 30);
//g.DrawRectangle(Pen, x, y, width, height);

String path = Server.MapPath("~/Images/DrawRectangle.jpg");
bmp.Save(path, ImageFormat.Jpeg);

Image1.ImageUrl = "~/Images/DrawRectangle.jpg";

and called it using a javascipt function.

I tried using the code above for a textbox focus too but I wasn't able to access the Server object and Image1 object.

I am pretty new to and javascript. Any help will be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Gitika Khurana


See below link. It might be help you.

Modal PopUp in Image map[^]

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gitika.khurana 7-Sep-12 6:17am    
I am not looking for the functionality offered by ImageMap. I don't need to click anywhere on the image. All I want is to be able to highlight some area on the image, not create a hotspot.
You have to use some library in javascript.
You have to map the image with "map" tag, and use javascript for animate it.

this is a sample example using jQuery:[^]

you can also search on google, or visit this project:[^]</map>
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gitika.khurana 10-Sep-12 3:08am    
Thanks for the reply, but it doesn't really solve my purpose. Image maps work with mouseover, and I am looking for image area highlight on textbox focus.
cpsglauco 20-Sep-12 9:07am    
if you read some example from the netzgesta library, you will find scripts that fit your needs

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