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str[j] != '\0'
what it means?
and how to remove duplicate character by comparing both string and print final result.
if str1=A,B,C,D
and str2=A,C,E,F,B
xenotron 7-Sep-12 6:03am
Instead of str[j]!='\0' you can write str[j]!=0 or simply str[j] because of the automatic conversion between c types.

1 solution

The following line of code checks to see if the current character is the null terminator. A null terminator indicated the End Of String.
str[j] != '\0'

This is usually used in a while loop to check if the last charecter of the string has been reached. If it is the last char, the loop will terminate.

Check this resource:

I assume you want to remove characters common to both strings. You could do this:
int i=0, j=0, index=0;
char tmp;

while(str1[i] != '\0')
tmp = str[i];
    while(str2[j] != '\0')
         if(  tmp != str2[j] ) 
                result[pointer] = tmp;     // Copy the non common charecter to result array
                pointer++;                 // Increment pointer

Surendra0x2 7-Sep-12 5:24am
Thanks sir i got it :)
Shaunak De 7-Sep-12 5:28am
Your welcome :)

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