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Just a simple question
How can I split this kind of string?
Art C. Cauyao<$@PERX@$>501912568<$@ENDPERX@$>Tessa Rose Brainard<$@PERX@$>510831686<$@ENDPERX@$>Dan Gangan<$@PERX@$>513545777<$@ENDPERX@$>C Jhec Daw Ako<$@PERX@$>523059320<$@ENDPERX@$>Jeremy Watkins<$@PERX@$>526687826<$@ENDPERX@$>Dax Kin Dy Vintola<$@PERX@$>544638475<$@ENDPERX@$>Dominc Odtohan<$@PERX@$>564044999<$@ENDPERX@$>Fruncease Gonzales Binuya<$@PERX@$>564248543<$@ENDPERX@$>Jennifer Castillo Jimenez-Fernando<$@PERX@$>570214516<$@ENDPERX@$>Raymond de Guzman<$@PERX@$>580773568<$@ENDPERX@$>Apa Pasumbal<$@PERX@$>1112268031<$@ENDPERX@$>Tupe DeMolay<$@PERX@$>1113559103<$@ENDPERX@$>Jamilla Magno<$@PERX@$>1119306822<$@ENDPERX@$>Author Marcette Fochier<$@PERX@$>1119993590<$@ENDPERX@$>Jergil Mares Reveldez Toledo<$@PERX@$>1124038000<$@ENDPERX@$>Cesca Gonzales<$@PERX@$>112750780

Im using this code but It isnt splitting
String delim = "<$@ENDPERX@$>";
String[] StringFirst = xml_getMembermob.toString().split(delim);
for (int a = 0;a<StringFirst.length; a++ )
    String aws = StringFirst[a];
    Log.i("returned sa akin", ""+StringFirst.length);

1 solution

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