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how to generate Script in sql server 2008 databse,
i want to genereate procedure script if procedure is alter mode then it should be create alter
manognya kota 10-Sep-12 2:51am
Can you be little more clear please

Have a look:

Pinal Dave: Create Script[^]

How to: Generate Create Scripts[^]
Generate a Script (SQL Server Management Studio)[^]

..and lot more similar threads here[^]
Mohamed Mitwalli 10-Sep-12 3:01am
Prasad_Kulkarni 10-Sep-12 3:03am
Thank you Mohamed!
__TR__ 10-Sep-12 3:10am
Prasad_Kulkarni 10-Sep-12 3:10am
Thank you TR!
_Amy 10-Sep-12 3:18am
5'ed. :)
Prasad_Kulkarni 10-Sep-12 3:26am
Thank you Amit! but where's FIVE ??:)
_Amy 10-Sep-12 3:34am
Oh I missed it.. Now given. :)
Hi ,
Right Click on Database name on object explorer select Tasks then Generate Script Click Next Then select the objects you want to Script it or leave it for the whole Database
Next Click on Advanced Choose Script Drop and Create Version of sql select Type of data to script You will find alot options specify what you need then click ok then Choose save to new query then Next Next Finish[^]
Best Regards
__TR__ 10-Sep-12 3:09am
Mohamed Mitwalli 10-Sep-12 3:11am
Thanks TR :)
Prasad_Kulkarni 10-Sep-12 3:11am
5'ed :D
Mohamed Mitwalli 10-Sep-12 3:11am
Thanks Prasad :)
_Amy 10-Sep-12 3:18am
5'ed. :)
Mohamed Mitwalli 10-Sep-12 3:40am
Thanks Amy :)
Mohamed Mitwalli 10-Sep-12 3:44am
it seems i didn't get the points for your voting :( lol
_Amy 10-Sep-12 4:51am
oh! Now I have given. :)
Mohamed Mitwalli 10-Sep-12 5:19am
Thanks :)
Dev-0001 10-Sep-12 4:10am
Mohamed Mitwalli 10-Sep-12 4:11am
Thanks Dev

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