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In my application I had a form where i have to do more than one database transaction within a single button click
When I click button

Query 1 >>>insert designation values to Designation table

query 2. >>select query to get the primary key of last entered designation.... ie .the auto number against which the above insert query inserts

query 3 >> inset data into another table with the primary key recvd from above

query 4 .>> update another table with the primary Key Above

If any of the query fails or any exception occur The others shouldnot work

now I am trying to do it using try catch and deleting prevoius insertions if exception occurs...

Is there any good Ideas as I am new to sql server 2008

You can use TransactionScoe.

check this article and google for some more:[^]

Use Sql Stored Procedure[^] to perform all your database operation at a time. In that you need to use Sql Transaction[^] to rollback the transaction if any error occurs.
Refer the links:
Overview of SQL Server Stored Procedure[^]
SQL Server Transactions and Error Handling[^]

All the best.
Hey there,

If you want to do it in the application level, use TransactionScope[^]. Otherwise, you can create a stored procedure to perform these tasks which will return a value based on the success of the requested tasks. You can use BEGIN TRANSACTION[^] within the SP for managing transactions.

For an example in SQL transactions click here[^]

Hope this helps, regards

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