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I have an xml file which looks like following:

<c:det id="1234" hosted="true" >

Now, I am getting the the document as XElement.
I have to fetch the value of hosted attribute inside
How acn I get that?
I tried using LocalName property,may be somehow was not able to figure out the exact Xpath value.
Can you please help me in either Xpath way or LINQ way?
Thanks in advance.
Updated 10-Sep-12 3:10am

1 solution

does that inspires you?

		static void Main(string[] args)
			string xml = @"<ch>
<det id=""1234"" hosted=""true""/>
			var xxml = XElement.Parse(xml);

			var list = from e in xxml.Descendants("det")
					   from attr in e.Attributes()
					   select new { Node = e, Attr = attr };

			foreach (var item in list)
				Console.WriteLine("{0}, {1}={2}", item.Node.Name.LocalName, item.Attr.Name.LocalName, item.Attr.Value);
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