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Hello all,

I'm after some help in creating a dynamic forms for Windows, using VB.Net.

Essentially, the input will be a list of different sets of fields, such as:

Set 1:
Name (Text)
Address (Text)
Date of Birth (Date)

Set 2:
Author[0] (text, also, multivalue/repeating field)
Publication Date (Date)
Publisher (List item)

Ideally, the form is created in a reusable way, where I can seperate the display format from the fields being displayed. (XAML, XLS, XSLT, HTM, XML??) Importantly, the form must be used for displaying and storing field information. That's where the aspect of repeating fields becomes interesting because it must allow for additional values to be added or removed.

I saw something similar (I think) in Generate dynamic ASP.NET pages by using XML and XSLT[^] but I don't follow it entirely. Also, it doesn't seem to support repeating attributes (such as "Author" in the example above)

Could some kind soul assist? There are many application that do this kind of thing - so hopefully it's been tackedled on this site, too.

I tried writing something similar using Windows Form Controls but it was very clunky... Could the technology could be my woefull skills!!!

Updated 10-Sep-12 3:56am

1 solution

Marc Clifton wrote a bunch of stuff that might be just what you are looking for MyXAML--XAML-style gui generator (added styles)[^]
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Case69 10-Sep-12 10:22am    
Hi Wes,

Thanks, It looks like this might be useful but the code is no longer available. I'd prefer to see a working example.

[no name] 10-Sep-12 10:28am    
Sorry I can't see his site. You could always ask him. He is a regular contributor.

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