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I am trying to filter comboboxes populated with data from a local sqlserverce database. My task is to select one index in one combobox and have that result filter the next combobox. Would LINQ work for this or can I do it with just plain SQL? I am using Visual Studio 2010/2012 with SQL Server CE Edition. I would appreciate any help.
Rockstar_ 11-Sep-12 1:06am    
yes you can do it just by plain sql
Rockstar_ 11-Sep-12 1:07am    
Just write your code in the selectedIndex event of the first combobox.
ridoy 11-Sep-12 1:19am    
you can do it in both ways..only sql or only LINQ can do it.


ofcourse you can use linq in this.

try this,

protected void combobox1_selectedIndexChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
   //DataSet Objs holds data from sql server with two datatables one is source for combobox1 and other is source for combobox2
   DataTable dt = (from val in Objds.Tables[2].AsEnumerable() where val.Field<string>("Column1")== combobox1.SelectedValue select val).CopyToDataTable();

combobox2.DataSource = dt;


hope it helps.
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