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I have my application works fine on my PC that I develop.

I want to install my application in server to be used anywhere in the world (more users will use to connect to the server).

1 - how I have to copy my database on the server??
2-how do I change the database path in the App.config file

3-how I create the executable file??
I'm stuck if anyone can help me please

Updated 11-Sep-12 2:34am

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kahina_france 11-Sep-12 7:48am    
thank you @"Tushar_Patil4K"
1 - your link its not working if you have another link please
2 - I have not found a good link that explains step by step what should I do?
3 - I have some problems with the English language.
thank you for your comprhension
You wouldnt be able to (and I could be wrong) be able to put the exe of the winforms app on a server, you would need to send the exe to clients and users.

You would need to deploy the database on an ISS server (you can read that up on Google), or create webservices that are deployed on a server which access your database. Both are quite time consuming and you would need to read up on it, its not easy as grabbing source code off the net.

So for the app config file the datasource tag needs to point to where you are going to host the database, so if you have a homeserver with sql on it that allows remote connections then the address of the that database would go there.

I would advise you do some reading on webservices as I think that is the best way to connect to a database remotely.
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kahina_france 11-Sep-12 9:26am    
in fact I have deploy my application on the server of my company and after, there are 50 employees, each connects to the server and can use the application.
the socity is not that the application must be installed on each computer 50 employees, it only installs on the server

- my application runs well on my pc just how to put on the server
So here is my problem then.

thank you
1) Depends on what sort of technology does the application use? (Is it a winforms app, WPF App, etc). If it is winforms its unlikely you can deploy the app straight to a server

2) App config should already have a connection string stored if you created a connection, you change that to the where ever your database is stored

3) Again that depends on what technology you use
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kahina_france 11-Sep-12 7:47am    
thank you for your answer
I am using visual studio 2008 and sql server 2005 My application is a winform.
1 - is my App.config file:

connectionString = "Data Source = KAHINA-PC \ SQLEXPRESS; Initial Catalog = WORK; Integrated Security = True"
providerName = "System.Data.SqlClient" />
br mode="hold" />br mode="hold" /> how do I change this file (you have an example?)
2 - how do I do the deployment on the server?
3 - how do I copying my database from my pc to the server?


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