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Good evening to all.

I am new one to message queue concept. In my application customer send some request to admin through message. I given 120 sec to customer if admin accepted or rejected the request within 120 seconds. The result display to customer. Otherwise the request will cancelled automatically after 120 sec there is no problem. If two customer send requested at same time first message is received and the admin read the request the request is length it take around 110 sec then they accept or reject the request at the end of the 120 sec at the same time the second request is cancelled automatically. How can I use message queue send the second request based on the first request processing.

Please help me anyone. If any one send some example it is very helpful to me.

Thanks in advance

By Meganathan.M
Updated 12-Sep-12 4:30am
Zoltán Zörgő 12-Sep-12 9:54am
Ok, I understood your workflow, but you said nothing about the environment and architecture. Is it intended to be a thin or thick client application? Do you have a server for that? Is it on an intranet (LAN / domain) - or an internet application? And so on..
meganathanm 12-Sep-12 10:31am
Thank you Mr.Zoltán Zörgő
I am using 3 tier architecture and Is it on an intranet (domain) i am using separate service provider to send message to mobiles.Actually the customer order some thing through my website the order items are send to admin mobile printer then the admin accept or cancel the order
Zoltán Zörgő 12-Sep-12 14:41pm
Please explain how can the admin cancel or accept something on a mobile printer? You meant mobile phone? In this case is it a specific platform you have to target with a thick client (like android, or windows mobile), or the admin will use a browser also?
meganathanm 20-Sep-12 8:34am
Thank you for your reply Mr.Zoltán Zörgő and sorry for late My application i send the message through the third party service provider the send the message and admin accept or cancel the order then the callback url send by the third party service provider with the detail of accept or not

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