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How to covert a DataTable into a List?
I Can do it by looping through the table and populating a list in iterations.

But Is there any other predefined methods are there to achieve this task?

Did you do a search first:[^]

If you're using .NET 3.5, you can use DataTableExtensions.AsEnumerable (an extension method) and then if you really need a List<datarow> instead of just IEnumerable<datarow> you can call Enumerable.ToList:

IEnumerable<datarow> sequence = dt.AsEnumerable();


List<datarow> list = dt.AsEnumerable().ToList();

First result from Google [^]:)
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[no name] 12-Sep-12 10:36am    
Dang I answered the same thing. Deleted mine.
Kenneth Haugland 12-Sep-12 10:44am    
Great minds think alike or Google search for the answer :-D
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