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plz give me best & famous supported able Gujarati fonts name to download.

Is google[^] broken at your place?

Try a simple search there, & get thousands of results. With proper solution of course.
parthdoshi 17-Sep-12 1:08am
i have tried many time.
n also downloaded but its no perfect working.
Prasad_Kulkarni 17-Sep-12 1:10am
Is it giving any error, or any problems you've faced using those fonts/sites?
You are not explaining your problems; how anyone can help you? You can download a million of fonts, but do you think it can help if you have problem with one?
Even though your search gives some result, I'm not sure they are needed. The term "Gujarati font" itself is incorrect. Chances are, OP would rather need some "regular" Unicode fonts (but what's the use? We know nothing about OP's platform, language and problems... :<). Please see my answer.
Prasad_Kulkarni 17-Sep-12 1:52am
OP mentioned that he needs some Gujrati Fonts, and that's what my search result gives.
I understand. Still...
Strictly speaking, the "Gujarati font" cannot exist, just because Gujarati uses Nāgarī writing system which is also used for Kutchi:[^],[^],[^].

However, it's probably due to popularity of Gujarati the relevant Unicode sub-set is called "Gujarati" in Windows "Font Viewer".

Anyway, you don't need something like "Gujarati font" or even "Nāgarī font". I'm not even sure such fonts exist, because this is not how Unicode works. The fonts usually contain many Unicode subsets per single font; and Gujarati (Nāgarī) is so popular that it is supported by default by most modern system. I, for example, can type Gujarati on my system where I did not install anything except the US English locale; the same goes for all my Windows and Linux systems.


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