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I don't have Parallel port on my laptop but I need to light LEDs. I'm already doing the code but can't test it due to the above reason. Kindly hand me some help with this. Thanks and I will appreciate all the help you would give!

It depends on your OS. You may find some useful info here Parallel Port Central - Programming[^].
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You can start by not writing that code. Parallel ports are not for driving LED's and you can blow the port up if you don't know what you're doing, which, let's be honest here, you don't.

Start with hardward that is more affordable to blow up, like something designed for the job.

You can check out[^] for a PhidgetsInterfaceKey (look under I/O boards)

Or, if you're so inclinde to build a little hardware and teach yourself some digital electronics, a Netduino[^], or Arduino[^]. The difference here is that a Netduino runs the .NET Micro Framework and the Ardunio doesn't.
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The velleman K8055 USB interface card comes with sample VB.NET software examples (and several other languages).
It's fairly cheap and robust. There's also the VM167 unbuffered version. Again, with sample code.

They'll give you digital, analogue, PWM I/Os etc.

For the record though, until I got a K8055, I used the parallel port for everything and even now I still run a sound to light LED array from it. I've abused the port on every machine I've owned for many years and never damaged one.
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