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i have 8 pdf pages
want to add flip effect to it just like you are reading a book or newspaper
ZurdoDev 18-Sep-12 10:48am    
i am not familiar with any jquery libraries that work directly on pdf. You'll likely need to convert to html and then use a jquery library or find a pdf reader that already does that.
Member 8728400 18-Sep-12 10:50am    
hi ,
if not on pdf Can i add flip effect to images
ZurdoDev 18-Sep-12 10:53am    
Sure. There are lots of jquery plugins that will do that. I would just search google for jquery flip effect. But they have to be actual images, not images inside the pdf.
Member 8728400 18-Sep-12 10:59am    
i have 8 actual images
just want to add flip effect and zoom on those images
already have zoom function just need help for fliping images just like as if turning pages
Rajeev Jayaram 18-Sep-12 16:12pm    
I would suggest you also click on 'Improve question' and update your question with this information.

You could try jpageflip[^], booklet[^] etc. There are numerous similar libraries available in net.

If you would like to build one on your own this link would give you design ideas, Page Flip Effects for Design[^].
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There are a number of jQuery libraries that will provide you with the flip effect. The one that I like (not that I use it a lot) is Turn.js. You can get it here:[^]
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