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Im asking for the part of the users/members who have been in these site long enough.

For my opinion i like the old one. i have not browsed the entire site cause the new look have that "Microsoft feel" and im not liking it.

Please share your thoughts :)
Neoshao 19-Sep-12 22:35pm    
I liked the old look, is similar to Microsoft's website, but I liked it, although it will now be necessary to adapt to this new look.
Rockstar_ 20-Sep-12 0:00am    
yes, I too liked this new look...., Developers always in search of something new....
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 20-Sep-12 0:44am    
The new look is very attractive but has some problems. I basically like in more but unhappy with way too big vertical inter-line intervals. Some images are unreasonably hidden when a mouse is not over (votes). I'm strongly against such things. I like fonts.
Vijay Walunj,Navi mumbai 20-Sep-12 2:00am    
i like this new look.if possible use border or lining to pages.login control is nice
graciax8 20-Sep-12 2:34am    
nice sharing of thoughts. :) maybe we'll be more adapt to this new look as we go along. and also with the feedbacks of the users in these sites. it'll be the same old "home" as we all know it. :)

The general overall appearance is an improvement, still need some tweaks to adjust whitespace, font sizes, colours etc. These will evolve over time based on feedback.

This is also more a discussion type question that should have been in the likes of the Lounge. Not really suited to Q&A.
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Legor 20-Sep-12 3:37am    
Agreed, this belongs to the forum and there are also plenty of discussions about the new look.
I like both. But in new look: "home", "articles",...menus --> "Home", "Articles",... The codeproject is forever in my heart.
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Well, CP looks like an early adopter having a Metro look n feel just around the launch of Windows 8.

Looks ok, we will get used it.
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The background feels a little blinding, but overall I don't think it's too bad. Weird that it changed on the day I installed VS2012 though, at least the two things I have open all the time at work match now though! :laugh:
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I feel comfortable with the old one.But always a new one is less comfortable than previous one,when i get myself habituated with it i think this problem will be resolved.But still i see some problems with new look than previous one,voting image hidden until a mouse is over it.And also i think username,points and log out button over the top-right corner should deserve a color that focus user's attention easily(which was blue in previous look)
Moreover,the solution boundary for each user should be clearly separated(with a color which is colorless now) as it was in the previous look.
I miss one more feature of the previous one,on the top-left corner it shows the current user number of the site(including current online user number). I think it should be added with the new one.
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The design is very messy, for example on top you have the banner all the way across he screen, however the bottom is only aligned to the size of the content.

The alignment is buggered up as well. "Your Filters" box doesn't line up with the boxes below and why on earth do you want to be able to Print Your Filters? ;), the update button is also in the middle of nowhere.

The "Signup Arrow" arrow is not center in the surrounding circle.

The menus are not consistent, for example the help menu. there is a big gap between the "General FAQ" and "Ask a question". Also "Ask a question" has no rollover as all the other items do.

The preview box bellow should span the whole content space not just a a bit of it (should be the same as the box bellow that tells you to read the question carefully).

The box that I am writing this comment in is too wide for the grey box bellow. and it doesn't line up correctly at all.

The content buttons above look plain ugly, more issues then there is space on your server to list.

So in summery, if it was a two year old who designed this, its a really good job. However if this was done by someone who has been in the industry for a while, then you really need to think about getting a new designer.

Even the login input boxes aren't the same look or size. Tab indexes are stuffed up as well on the "Not a Member" side of the ugly thing bellow.

BTW you can't log using those boxes. you have to log in using the button at the top.
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