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Hello guys,

I would like to know how to get data from a machine?

Milking the farm for cows.

You can see the milk meter in this website:[^]

I would like to get the data on the milk meter and then sending to the software.
Is there anyone who knows that?


Posted 21-Sep-12 5:24am
Updated 21-Sep-12 5:53am
Tushar Sriv 21-Sep-12 10:27am
What do you mean by a Machine? Do you mean Computer.....?
Well try using System Registry in Windows
Kschuler 21-Sep-12 10:28am
You need to be MUCH more specific about what you are asking. What kind of data are you looking for? What machine?
joshrduncan2012 21-Sep-12 10:29am
Please explain your purpose in your question so we can have an idea of how to assist?
Wes Aday 21-Sep-12 10:32am
Yes, I know how to get data from a machine. (YMMV)
Sandeep Mewara 21-Sep-12 10:41am
This is not a well framed question! We cannot work out what you are trying to do/ask from the post. Please elaborate and be specific.
Use the "Improve question" link to edit your question and provide better information.
jaideepsinh 8-Jul-13 2:26am
Haluk you got solution or not if yes then say me because i am also suffering same as this.
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Solution 6

IF haluk_78 doesnt know assembly and have an electronics background he will really struggle to implement the software

The meters on the website still use the old 16f microchips and I am certain the programming is done in assembly
Writing the the software to read the data is easy but (there is always a but) there must be a hardware interface between the milk readers and the pc

If there is a hardware interface he must use Hyper Terminal(900,N,1 comms port settings) to check the responses from the readers and from there he can write an interface in any high level language

examples Command:- “e”
Syntax:- “11e”
where "11" = whatever adress is allocated on the memory chip

This is actually a very technichal subject and Ive tried to put it as simple as I can

Many years ago at my previous company we designed time and attendance readers and everything except the software for the attendance program was done in assembly

Here is an CRC Checking example in Vb

Function Odd_Parity(ByVal Dat As Long) As Long
Dim n As Long
Dim i As Long
n = 0
For i = 0 To 7
n = n + Dat And 1
Dat = (Dat And 65534) / 2
Next i
Odd_Parity = n And 1
End Function
' For CRC
Function DoCRC16(ByVal Dat As Long) As Long
Dat = (Dat Xor (CRC16 And 255)) And 255 '/ 255
CRC16 = (CRC16 And 65280) / 256
If (Odd_Parity(Dat)) = 1 Then CRC16 = CRC16 Xor 49153
Dat = (Dat * 64) And 65535
CRC16 = CRC16 Xor Dat
Dat = (Dat * 2) And 65535
CRC16 = CRC16 Xor Dat
CRC_Test = CRC16
End Function
' for CRC
Sub CRC()
Dim crc_lsb As Long
Dim crc_msb As Long
Dim X As Long
Dim i As Integer
crc_lsb = Asc(Mid$(InString, 32, 1))
crc_msb = Asc(Mid$(InString, 34, 1))
CRC_Long = (crc_lsb * 256) + crc_msb
CRC16 = 0
For i = 1 To 30
X = Asc(Mid$(InString, i, 1))
Next i
End Sub
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Solution 3

What language is that website written in? Do they have an English version of the site?

The manufacturer of the machine is in the best position to answer your question. The best we could do to help, is to look for specs and products on the site. If those are available, then we might be able to help you implement your solution.

Machines communicate by using a wide variety of transmission protocols and software. There are probably millions of protocols, and thousands of transmission techniques in use. Guessing the system that this product uses is nearly impossible.

This system could be using DAQ as mentioned. Or, one of the serial protocols like RS-232 or RS-422. It could be ethernet, usb, wifi, infared, POTS, or something proprietary. And even if we can guess the transmission media, we still would have to guess what the transmission protocol is.

Folks have provided the maximum amount of help possible without being able to read the information on the website.
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Solution 2

This is an interesting question! In my opinion, you should send an email to inventor of milking machine, he will help you.
JackDingler 21-Sep-12 13:55pm
Add +5, as it's extremely unlikely that Hulak_78 will get a better answer.

The person that voted you a '1', obviously knows the answer is refusing to provide it.

I give that person a '0'.
Andrewpeter 22-Sep-12 1:50am
Thank you very much. I voted 5 for your answer.
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Solution 1

Hi Friend,
I don't know what's written there on the website since I don't know that language and the image is not necessary to tell what is that machine using to get the data to a computer. But if it is using some DAQ system, then you need to reference to it's manual. You can check the Software LABVIEW which generally do such kind of DAQ work..... You can either help me by explaining how are you receiving the data from the machine. Because it can be Serially through USB, in which case you will require a driver and possibly who will have to create one, or through some DAQ system, where a software provided with DAQ system or some drivers can help you get the data

Hope it can help you a bit.

Tushar Srivastava
JackDingler 21-Sep-12 13:53pm
Don't know why you got one star.

Unless someone can read the language on the website, they won't be able to provide better help. I don't even recognize the language.

The manufacturer is likely to provide products or can suggest products that will allow Haluk_78 to access the data provided by these machines.
Tushar Sriv 21-Sep-12 14:00pm
Maybe they don't know about electronics, since this problem is more related to electronics and I am actually an electronics engineer and I know that whatever I answered is correct :-) It's alright by the way, I never mind :-)
haluk_78 22-Sep-12 3:27am
The language of that website is not important. I just wanted to show the milk meter. Somebody is using PLC controllers for that and no need a software. However, they save the datas by manually. But the technology is developing day by day so the new milking machines have own milk meter and the companies who produce this whole automation of milking machines provide the software.
My client makes this machine by himself and he wants to attaned an exhibition to show his milking system. This means, he has to settle getting data from milking machine to the software we will do. As I searched that there is a circuit between this milking machine and sofware. It is a kind of converter machine language to the software languare by ports. But I want to know whether we can make it by VS2010 C#. Teh circuit has chip (pig) it must be programmed. We are still searching about it. :)
JackDingler 24-Sep-12 11:58am
A picture of a meter, tells us nothing about it's specifications. I'm not sure why you thought we'd be able to guess the technical specifications, protocols supported and that it even has port communications from a picture of cows being milked.

Just FYI, you would've gotten better answers if you had provided details like these from the beginning.
haluk_78 25-Sep-12 2:57am
I got you Jack, thanks...We will get the milk meter and we will try to understand how it works...After that, we'll figure it out...
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Solution 4

You can do this in two ways:
  1. Putting some electronics into the milking machine that monitor that data for you and connect to that electronic device from your software.
  2. Asking information to the manufacturer of the machine to know if they offer some kind of remote connection (web interface...) on their machines.

Of course, if you go for the first solution, then you'll be independent from the machine manufacturer and therefore you'll be able to add more bells and whistles to the system, but, of course you'll need some kind of embedded system, PLC, controller... that would allow you to connect a computer to it.

The second option is the easier if you don't have electronics knowledge and, of course, better if they have that interface already implemented.

This is the best answer that I can offer without more information, if you are thinking on choosing the first option, then ask for more information and I can try to help you.

As far as I've seen the received answers are not much better than this one, this is a clear sign that your question is too general, improve it, add more details and who knows, probably someone from :bob: will come with a profitable suggestion.
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Solution 5


I found .NET Micro Framework 4.2... I'll check this out...

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