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Hi all, How to done a online plagiarism checker using C# for my website kindly guide me if u know thanks in advance
Updated 25-Nov-21 21:43pm
DaveAuld 22-Sep-12 6:01am    
You simply need to read and compare tests, looking for phrases, word order, etc. etc. Sorry did I say simply? I meant, bloody difficult to implement the heuristics engine for these sort of things.
echosound 22-Sep-12 7:28am    
any other solution to adopt the plagiarism
ZurdoDev 6-Oct-17 14:28pm    
Write lots of code. Where are you stuck?

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If it was that simple, it would be done by all sites (including this one) automatically.
Unfortunately, it is not simple, at all.

You may be able to do it by issuing a Google search on each sentence in the submission, combined with some clever software to work out the likelyhood of plagiarism, but even then is could be defeated by simply changing word order or choice.

I would abandon the idea, myself!
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echosound 22-Sep-12 7:28am    
any other solution to adopt the plagiarism
OriginalGriff 22-Sep-12 7:55am     CRLF
No - it is a horribly complex job, and very, very difficult to automate. Just for an example: there are tens of thousands of articles on this site alone. You would have to do a text compare to every single one of them, and evaluate how "close" they are to the article you want to check. And there are how many websites, with possibly similar items? And how many books? For us spotting plagiarism just from MSDN to a would-be article here is a PITA, and has to be done manually!

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