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I am using MVC4 r.
I wanted to have single model class that contains 3 transactional tables so that when I create strongly-typed create page I can display in the data entry the 3 tables (txn_RequestForm , txn_list_IndividualUser, txn_list_MultipleUsers er).

1. list_ddlRequestType RequestTypeID 1(Individual User) & 2 (Multiple User)
2. txn_RequestForm (RequestID) PK :
3. txn_list_IndividualUser (RequestID) FK
4. txn_list_MultipleUsers (RequestID) FK grid

RequestID (PK)  RequestTypeID (FK)  ContactNumber
1   1   5566
2   2   5567
3   2   1234

RequestID (FK) |EmpNo	|FirstName	|LastName	|EmailAdd	
1	|105514	|Juan	|Pedro	|	
1	|105515	|Juan_2	|Pedro_2	|juan.email2@teSTmvc.COM

RequestID(FK)	MUserID 	NameSurname 	PurposeID 	MPositionTitle
3	|43211	|Joshua_1	|_1	|_Test
3	|43212	|Joshua_2	|_2	|_Test
3	|43213	|Joshua_3	|_3	|_Test

Thanks in advance.
Updated 24-Sep-12 21:32pm
CodeHawkz 24-Sep-12 5:59am
Hey there,

Firstly, your question is not clear at all. I understand that you might have sensitive data in your tables, by all means remove them. But please, do change them to something we can understand (e.g.: to an example which shows some logical relationship).

Secondly, I believe your problem can ideally be solved at a SQL level (or database level), if I am not mistaken.

If you elaborate more on your problem, am sure someone would be able to answer you faster.


1 solution

You can only point a grid type control at a single data source. So you'll need to create a model class that encapsulates the behaviour you are talking about (picking rows from T2 or T3 as appropriate and exposing a List or Queryable of the appropriate type).

If you have control of the database, if T2 and T3 have the same schema then you probably want to consider making them a single table with a type-switching column. Then you can just do a normal foreign key lookup from T1 based on ID and type, instead of doing a lookup based on ID and then switching between rows from different tables. The database model isn't really designed to do that.

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