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i was gone through about the Generics and Delegates Topics..
Is these are useful in Real-Time Projects...?
please can anyone explain in simple words with example ... please...
Updated 24-Sep-12 2:20am

Just go throught this article to know about generics. Its simple and self explained.[^]

andto know about delegates
C# - Delegates 101 - A Practical Example[^]
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Well, about the Generics first.

They are useful, because they are able to decouple a concept/algorithm/datatype from its implementation.
Take Lists, for instance. It doesn't matter what type of object that list holds, iterating through its elements will always use the same algorithm.
For instance, let's say you have you have 2 lists: one of strings, List<string> lotsOfStrings = new List<string>()</string></string> and one of custom objects List<client> clients = new List<client>()</client></client>;

Then, you can iterate through each of them in (roughly) the same way:
foreach(Client client in clients) 
    //do your thing with each Client object


foreach(string data in lotsOfStrings)
    //do your thing with each string object

Lists are one of the most used data structures in real-life projects (to be honest, I can't rememeber any project I've worked on professionally where I hadn't have to use a List,
or an analog data structure). They help a lot in grouping, iterating and performing bulk operations (mostly with LINQ) on objects of the same type, no matter what that type would be.

There are also lots of other uses for Generics, the example I've given you is just a basic tip-of-the iceberg explanation, by no means comprehensive. You can sift through CP articles, there are quite a few of them that detail generic using with examples.

On delegates though, I can only give a rough explanation, because what work I've had to do with them was pretty simple and straightforward. You might wanna check this article[^] for a beginner's guide with examples on delegates though.

Happy coding!
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