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I want to export crystal report data to (.txt) file.

Its for speed up the printing option in dot matrix printer.

How to resolve? Please help me out.

With Thanks.

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My recent experience is that on Win2008 R2 you can use the Generic Text printer driver and save to file and it works ok.

try the same thing on Windows 7 or higher and the save to file will load a different type of dialog and you will there see that file type is now defaulted to PRN. Change to "All files (*.*)" and enter a filename with .TXT extension and you still get a PRN file produced.

There is a lot of requests for the print to TXT file functionality on MSDN but they people answering either dont understand the issue or MS has simply said they will not provide.

An appalling and mindless removal of a valuable feature for ISVs, SIs, and any IS/IT people who need to get data out of systems, or verify report structures output from other tools. I can understand dropping legacy code support for esoteric printers, but text file is the most basic file in the known universe - there is no 'legacy' issue here.

Microsoft's 2015 push into the IoT space should make them quickly realise that SBCs and the like all deal in text and binary and at least having the ability to print to a text file is a fundamental feature. XPS and other obtuse items are not needed but at least being able to bundle some data and 'print' to a file is a must-have.
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