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Hi friends,

I try to add a web service in my application, application is based on silverlight.
Where the web service and the application resides in the same solution. Where the reference is already added in the application. When i try to update the reference in the solution, i get the following error.
Could not resolve mscorlib for target framework 'Silverlight,Version=v4.0'. This can happen if the target framework is not installed or if the framework moniker is incorrectly formatted.
Service reference works perfectly in the web project, when i try to add or update the service reference from the web project to the silverlight application, am facing the error.

My silverlight version is >4.
udpated to 5 it seems.

I did change the pathname for the service file(which should not exceed some 259 characters or something referenced in some blog), it gives no joy to me.

So please help me ASAP.
Thanks in advance.
Updated 7-Aug-13 18:57pm
Christian Amado 25-Sep-12 8:07am    
What version of Silverlight are you using? Can you post your web.config of your web project and the servicereference.config of your silverlight?
♥…ЯҠ…♥ 25-Sep-12 8:21am    
Added web.config file for your reference.

Crazy Visual studio, was suffering with that error for a while and finally decided to move my whole solution to new path (f:\ drive),

from there I try to build and try to update the service.

Where i am able to do that.

Thanks for everyone who helped me so far.
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wwwx 19-Dec-16 4:22am    

I was trapped into this queer circles and trying lots of actions with no effect, your answer save me...

My answer to this probelem is, your total project folder path or file path is too long, just shorten some folder name and it'll be solved.

For example, I have my project path "E:\XXXX\Program\YYY\ZZZZZZ\ooo-ooooooooo_oooooooo_xxxxxxxxxx_zzz" will get this problem,

but I shorten it to "E:\XXXX\Program\YYY\ZZZZZZ\ooo_zzz" the the problem just disappear.

I'm unsatisfied with that why visual studio don't just show error message with "the folder path too long", but show this relativvely useless message to throw me into the queer circle such as push me to try to the direction of think it as some dll has problem or replace some dll.

the last time I met into a similar problem is that, just because there's space in the folder name nthen the project build failed, and just remove the space all is well.
solamente evita usar nombres tan largos y cambia la direccion del proyecto a una ruta mas corta un ejemplo pasala al C y si tu proyecto se llama parangaricutirimicuariquense_mi_proyecto cambiale el nombre a ese proyecto a uno mas cortito y vuala
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