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Hi everybody,

I'm writing a client-server application, where the client uses WCF services to execute SQL queries (INSERT, UPDATE, SELECT, etc.) on tables by invoking services methods. The point is how to define access for it (i.e. some clients are permitted to "select" records, others insert, select and update on the other table). There are many variations of Access and many tables, so most of the clients have to belong to their individual access groups. I can sort out only one solution:

1) Every table has hour services for INSERT, UPdate, SELECT, DELETE.
8 tables x 4 services = services. Adding one more table gives us another +4 so I am not sure if this is the way to go.

Any point how to do it?

Sorry for my English.
Updated 8-Dec-09 11:59am


I would suggest you to Create a couple of tables which holds the user and their roles respectivilley.

for instance - Read only role, Update only role, read update role etc....

And tie up the user to the respective roles.

As soon as the user logs into the system, based on his role do the respective operation.

Hence the conclusion is that, from the wcf perspective(No need to check any access rights) , before making the call from the client application ,check for the respective role and if he has the access allow him or deny him.

You can look at options such as membership provider,Sql role provider, declarative/imperative security etc.

I hope this helps!.

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A better way to implement would be to have an addition table with the following fields.

userid -- varchar(50) ????
SelectAllowed - Yes/No
InsertAllowed - Yes/No
UpdateAllowed - Yes/No
DeleteAllowed - Yes/No

Upon receipt of the WCF request, you can validate the userid against the database to make sure that he/she has permission for relevant action.
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