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Hi..frnz Good eve pls tel me how to develope web application that runs without using internet connection like rajinikanth website runs without internet pls anyone help me.(using c#)
advance thnx
Updated 26-Sep-12 6:10am
I.explore.code 26-Sep-12 9:13am    
run it on your localhost! :)
[no name] 26-Sep-12 9:29am    
Download all the website files when yo have internet connection. and un-plug the internet cable now you are ready to go offline

What a fun and what a joke as well.

Who said the site doesn't require internet? Must be kidding!
And believe me, no complex algorithm. There is no such algorith in developing this kind of fun.

How it is done technically?
Switch off the net connection and type[^]
As usual, the message shows "no internet connection"

Now switch on internet
type the url[^]

It will say, to explore the web you need to switch off net. Thats the funny and tricky part.
The site is a flash based site and a code is writen which fires in time interval - which checks internet.
If net connection found - shows funny message (internet required) and swf stops playing.
If no net connection, swf runs.

Its a good fun.

Technically speaking, if you are accessing site that is not local - without net you cannot. What you can see is a cached version.

That's all.

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Technically, no website explicitly requires the internet or even a network.
You do have to have IIS or your web server host of choice.
If you want to have only the local machine use it, that is fine and dandy and you can deploy to your localhost IIS.
You can also deploy to a server with IIS that does not have external access. That would result in the deployment being an "intranet" application.
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I.explore.code 26-Sep-12 11:43am    
even though your solution is not incorrect, I think you over-engineered for the bloke. Apparently he wants to model his website after the website of a well-known Indian film-star (reputedly at par with Chuck Norris). So effectively what he is saying is "Chuck Norris' website runs without internet" :)
fjdiewornncalwe 26-Sep-12 12:09pm    
I see. Now I get it. Google does work...
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agree, if i open site first time it requires internet, just type website and after loading website just plug off the internet wire, then site running well, because all files are stored in browser caching. but you need to plugin if you open browser and typing website url...
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Richard MacCutchan 2-Jul-15 3:47am    
Please do not add posts to questions that are almost three years old.

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