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Hi friends,

I need to change the following strings in C# using regular expressions.

1) ntext(1073741823) to simply TEXT
2) DEFAULT((0)) to DEFAULT '0'

Please help me with the regular expressions.

Updated 30-Sep-12 6:16am
joshrduncan2012 27-Sep-12 9:07am    
Have you tried something already and stuck in a certain spot? If so, can you provide your code where you are stuck?
Ashraff Ali Wahab 27-Sep-12 9:10am    
Is there any specific logic behind converting the string or just ntext(1212121212) to text means you can simply do substring.
sjelen 27-Sep-12 9:26am    
Install Expresso and play around with regexes, it's not that hard to learn.
Soon it will be quicker for you to write your own regex than to post a question here
Yvan Rodrigues 30-Sep-12 12:18pm    
I agree. I always let intern programmars know that regular expressions are like a secret society. Those that truly understand them will have super powers.
Sarrrva 1-Oct-12 5:32am    
i agree with yoy yvan!!!


1 solution

Replace ntext\(\d+\) with TEXT

Replace DEFAULT\(\((\d+)\)\) with DEFAULT '$1'
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Sarrrva 28-Sep-12 7:01am    
Exactly Correct Answer friend..


thanks and regards
RaisKazi 30-Sep-12 12:18pm    
My 5!

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