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I want to implement a timer in a class.

What I have done is

  1. I have created the timer as Timer timertimeElapse;
  2. In the constructor, I typed the following two lines
    timertimeElapse = new Timer();
         timertimeElapse.Tick += new EventHandler(timerTimeOut_Tick);

  3. I have made the event in the same class scope
    private void timerTimeOut_Tick(object sender, EventArgs e)

This is not working :( Will you please suggest a way how to use timer event in the class? (not in the form)
Updated 8-Dec-09 11:55am

You need to specify a timer interval, and you also need to add a call to start the timer. Here's a sample of what you need to add:
timertimeElapse.Interval = 1000; // A 1 second timer

timertimeElapse = new Timer();

Is the constructor being called on the main thread of a windows forms application? It's important that it is as the System.Windows.Forms Timer will not raise tick events unless the thread is running a message loop.

The two other timers, System.Threading.Timer and System.Timers.Timer, don't need a message loop, and you may need to use one of those.

This simple modification to your code will determine if a message loop in running on the calling thread.
  "Cannot start Forms.Timer on thread without a message loop");
timertimeElapse = new Timer();
You need to set the interval as mentioned before and you also need to start the timer otherwise it won't do anything.

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